Sunday, February 3, 2019

Portfolio Update January 2019

After the weak performance at the end of last year, the stock market rebounded strongly in January. However market is still concerned about the China-US trade war, and investment sentiment is still very much affected by it.

STI moved with the global market. At the end of January, STI rose 145.43 points or 4.78% compared to a month ago. My portfolio moved with the index. As at 31 January, its value increased 4.91% compared to that at end December last year.

No trade was done in the month of January. I was busy with other things and have really become a "passive" investor. I have also not decided if I will accept the M1 offer.

I received a total of S$11,880 in dividend. Most of it come from bond and UT, as January is normally a "dry" month for stock dividend.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 31 January.

1.         M1
2.         ComfortDelGro
3.         DBS
4.         OCBC Bank
5.         SingTel
6.         SPH
7.         CapitaComm Tr
8.         ST Engineering
9.         Frasers Comm Tr
10.     Metro
11.     Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
12.     SGX
13.     AIMSAMP Cap Reit
14.     Mapletree Log Tr
15.     SATS
16.     Sing Inv & Fin
17.     CapitaLand
18.     Sembcorp Ind
19.     Keppel Corp
20.     Ascendas Reit
21.     Global Inv
22.     United Engineers
23.     YZJ Shipbldg SGD
24.     Nam Lee Metal
25.     Cache Log Trust
26.     Nikko AM STI ETF 100
27.     Ascendas-h Trust
28.     Suntec Reit
29.     Tai Sin Electric
30.     Ascott Reit

Happy CNY to all the readers.


The said...

Hi Sanye,
Impressive portfolio. I am the owner of Would like to interview you for a collaborative article so that more readers could learn from your investing experience. Looking forward to your positive reply. Thanks!

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...


Thank you for your interest in this blog. I am only an average investor and a very passive one. I am afraid I have not much to share in term of investing experience. Regret to decline your invitation.


Anonymous said...

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