Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 June 2009

Market when up and down in the month of June, after the fantastic run in the past two month. It did not correct very much, as suggested by some gurus. At the closing, STI stood at 2333.

My portfolio contracted a bit. As compared to 31 May, the portfolio value increase by S$9,400. However, this was due to new injected fun of S$19,350. So the net decrease is S$10,000.

Looking at the top 30 holdings movement, it reflects the market movement - sideway. SSH made it to the top 30 due to new investment, while MIDAS made it through price hike. AusNet improves its position due to rights issues. while SATsvcs due to price rise.

I bought some Tat Hong shares, after listen to its CEO talk at SME Conference. Received some OCBC shares through script dividend scheme, AusNet shares through rights issue, and bought SSH to average down the cost.

I receive S$3,098 in cash dividend and S$700 in CPF dividend(reinvested).

Below are the top 30 holdings:

1. ComfortDelGro
2. OCBC Bk
3. SPH
4. Semb Corp
5. ST Engineering
6. SP AusNet
7. DBS
8. F & N
9. Starhub
10. CoscoCorp
11. SembMar
12. S I A
13. SAT Svcs
14. CitySpring
15. SPC
16. SingTel
17. Raffles Edu
18. Sp Ship
19. KS Energy
20. SSH Corp
21. HG Metal
22. FrasersCT
23. SMRT
24. ASL Marine
25. MapletreeLog
26. MetroHldg
28. Aztech
29. FraserComm
30. Kep Corp