Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 February 2013

The bull that had run up quite lot since late last year appeared to be a bit tired this month. Renew worry on the European crisis dampened investor sentiment. The global stock market started to consolidate and doing some yo-yo. The Italy poll result didn't help the situation. STI went up and down, but somehow range bound. It settled at 3269.95, or 10.44 (.32%) lower than last month. Corporate results were mix, while banks did well, others lik SCI, SCM reported lower profit (and lower dividend). This year's budget annoucement did not give any booster to the market, at least in the last few day.

My portfolio did slightly better than the index. Its value rose 0.33% (net). I did not do any trade this month, due to the holidays and 2 business trips. I accepted TCC's offer and sold them my F&N shares, as it was not clear at all what the Thai planned to do with F&N, now that he had acquired more than 90% of its shares. The proceed of the sale will go towards building up my "warchest" when opportunities arises.

The total dividend received this month was S$8,600 including those from F&N. I participated in the script dividend scheme of Cambidge and Mapletree trust.

Looking at the top table of the portfolio, there isn't much changes except F&N disappears. UE re-entered the list.

1.  SPH
2.  ComfortDelGro
3.  OCBC Bk
4.  Semb Corp
5.  SP AusNet
6.  ST Engineering
7.  DBS
8.  Starhub
9.  SGX
10. FraserComm
11. MetroHldg
12. SembMar
13. CapitaComm
14. CitySpring
15. Nikko AM STI ETF 100
16. Ascendasreit
17. Kep Corp
18. Sing Inv
19. CapitaLand
20. MapletreeLog
21. SIA
22. SATS
23. FrasersCT
25. PanUnited
26. Yangzijiang
27. Sabana Reit
28. MacqIntInfra
29. UE
30. GlobalInv

Sunday, February 3, 2013

31 January 2013

The stock market got onto a good start this year with STI powered to 3,280, or up 3.58% in January. Investors worldwide seem to have shrugged off their concerns and got on to a risk-taking mode. Recent datas from US and China also gave investor confident a boost.

My portfolio performed even better than STI in January. Its value rose 5% in January, due to price movement of some mid-cap counters.

I did my first sell trade this year and sold off Union Steel shares. I bought some Yangzijiang shares. I received a total of S$2,412 in dividend, mainly from income funds (Unit Trust).

As STI is nearing the pre-crisis level again, I will be more cautious in buy shares. My plan is to build up my "warchest" (borrow the word from AK47) and wait for good opportunity to strike again.

Below are the top 30 counters as at 31 January. Yangzijiang and Pan United enter the list. Yanzijiang due to buy in, Pan United due to price movement(up >20%).

1.   SPH
2.   ComfortDelGro
3.   F & N
4.   OCBC Bk
5.   Semb Corp
6.   SP AusNet
7.   DBS
8.   ST Engineering
9.   Starhub
10. SGX
11. FraserComm
12. MetroHldg
13. SembMar
14. CapitaComm
15. CitySpring
16. Nikko AM STI ETF 100
17. Ascendasreit
18. Kep Corp
19. CapitaLand
20. Sing Inv
21. SIA
22. SATS
23. MapletreeLog
25. MacqIntInfra
26. PanUnited
27. Yangzijiang
28. FrasersCT
29. Sabana Reit
30. GlobalInv