Friday, October 31, 2008

31 October 2008

October Storm! As if this myth turns true, this October turned up to be the worst month for the financial market. Across the Globe, stock prices dropped to multiple year low.People now use the word Tsunami in financial sector! STI dropped to 1600 on 24 October, but managed to recover to 1790 at the end of the month.

My portfolio strunk further (sad). But the big drop provided opportunity to buy in again, only problem is the my cash is running low! AT the end of the month, my portfolio stood at S$335,000. Compared to last month, it dropped byS$97,000!!!!! and if the new injected fund of S$14,185 is taken into consideration, I lost more than S$110,000 in a month!

I received only S$671 in dividend this month.

Below are the top 30 holdings:

1. ComfortDelGro
2. SPH
3. OCBC Bk
4. Semb Corp
5. ST Engineering
6. SP AusNet
7. Hiap Moh
8. S I A
9. DBS
10. Raffles Edu
11. SingTel
12. CoscoCorp
13. Sing Food
14. FrasersCT
15. MacqIntInfra
16. CapitaComm
17. MetroHldg
18. Celestial
19. FibreChem
20. F & N
21. HG Metal
22. CitySpring
23. SAT Svcs
24. Int-Roller
25. SPC
26. SpRe
27. Aztech
28. Food Junc
29. Sp Ship
30. Cambridge

DBS is new purchase (just can't resist when it dropped to S$10). Hiap Moh price soar to S$.385 when it annouced voluntary delisting. So it will disappear from my portfolio eventually. I am sad to loss it but at least I make profit in this investment. SAT Svcs re-enter the top 30 list due to price recovery and price drop of others.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 September 2008

The month of September looked bad for my portfolio. The global equity crisis looked as if there is no end to it. Big banks collapse, AIG almost went bankrupt, US Congress voted against the bailout plan.... I am only glad that September is finally over.

My portfolio took a bitting in this month. Portfolio value dropped by S$63,000(!), depite fresh cash injection of S$26,000. (that means total loss S$90,000).

I added Pac Andes and Tiong Woon to my portfolio this month, topped up Sembcorp, Ausnet, Fibrechem, Courage marine, and B&B, all dropped to their new lows. I also received S$2,844 in cash dividend.

Below are the top 30 holding as at 30 September:

1. ComfortDelGro
2. SPH
3. OCBC Bk
4. ST Engineering
5. Semb Corp
6. SP AusNet
7. CoscoCorp
8. S I A
9. Raffles Edu
10. SingTel
11. HG Metal
12. SPC
13. FrasersCT
14. Celestial
15. CapitaComm
16. FibreChem
17. Sing Food
18. MetroHldg
19. F & N
20. MacqIntInfra
21. CitySpring
22. Food Junc
23. Cambridge
24. Hiap Moh
25. Aztech
26. CourageMa
27. SpRe
28. Int-Roller
29. Babcock&Brown
30. Sp Ship

The big reshuffle of the top 30 holdings reflects the volatility of the market. Of course it is also partly due to new top up of some counters.

Look forward to a better Q42008.