Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 April 2009

This month, the global stock market rebounded, though the economy is not out of the wood. Singapore Government said that the worst is for Singapore is probably over. There have been good news coming out from US as well. Just as people looked forward to a bottom out of the equity market, Swine Flu strikes! This, as what some experts say, give the world economy another dimension of risk.

Over the last few days, Swine flu has spread rapidly across the Globe. The next few weeks are crucial. If this develops to be a pandemic, then the stock market will suffer, just like during the SARS days.

However, the last 2 trading days of the month sees STI soaring to 1920. The performance on this last day was an impressive jump of 70.71 points.

I continue to buy in stocks of defensive nature and with good dividend payout. Starhub and Mapletree are the two additions in my portfolio. Well, as at today, they both do not do very well, but we are looking long term, aren't we? I also top up CitySpring.

As at 30 April, my portfolio stands at S$447,000. Compared with last month, this represents an increase of S$81,000, which includes S$31,000 of new fund injected.

Going forward, I look forward to the dividend payouts from quite a number of counters in May.

This month, I receive S$280 of dividend from DBS.

Below are the top 30 counters.

1. ComfortDelGro
2. OCBC Bk
3. SPH
4. Semb Corp
5. SP AusNet
6. ST Engineering
7. DBS
8. Starhub
9. F & N
10. CoscoCorp
11. S I A
12. SembMar
13. SingTel
14. CitySpring
15. Sp Ship
16. Raffles Edu
17. SAT Svcs
18. SMRT
19. FrasersCT
20. SPC
21. MapletreeLog
22. KS Energy
23. Kep Corp
24. Aztech
25. Celestial
26. MacqIntInfra
27. ASL Marine
28. CapitaComm
29. FraserComm
30. HG Metal
30. MetroHldg

Starhub and MapletreeLog are the new members in my portfolio. Celestial comes back due to price increase. The 3 counters replaces are MIDAS, Pteris and Pan United. They were the no.28-30 in last month.This shows that the market is less volatile this month. We have a tie on the 30th place between HG Metal and Metro Holding.