Friday, May 31, 2013

31 May 2013

For many years, May has always been a month when I received big dividend, but at the same time suffered loss in share prices. So this year, when STI did well in the first half of the month, I thought: "Hmm...., finally this year is different." Then came the bad numbers from China and Mr. Market reacted adversely to it. Alas.. history repeated itself.

Personally, I feel the sell down in the past few days was overdone. The market was waiting for a trigger to "correct" the run-up earlier. So when it found one it did just what everyone was waiting for - correction. Of course this is my personal opinion and I am not an expert. I may be wrong and this may be the beginn of the bear market. Who knows?

At the end of today, STI closed at 3,311.37, 56.81 ponts or 1.69% lower than last month. My portfolio performed poorly. Its value dropped 3.8% compared with last month. Most of the property related counters did badly this month.

For the MIIF capital reduction, I opted to receive APTT shares, as I thought the yield was okay. I applied for IPO but got nothing. On hindsight, "heng ah". When the counter started weak, I bought some from the open market to round my shares to full lot. I bought some Boustead shares and Sabana Reit. I received some K-Reit shares from KepCorp. I also received some Cambridge IT, Mapletreelog shares through Script Dividend Scheme. All in all, I invested S$20,000 in the stock market this month. This month I also  invested in Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, a UT which pays dividend monthly. I will start to receive dividend from this fund next month.

Going forward, if the market weakness continues, I will invest in some stocks/reits with good yield. 

This month, my total dividend income amounts to S$19,500 which is a record high. Looking at the chart, I should be well on track to hit or exceed my S$80,000 dividend target this year, baring unforeseen circumstances.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 31 May 2013:

1.   SPH
2.   OCBC Bk
3.   ComfortDelGro
4.   DBS
5.   SP AusNet
6.   ST Engineering
7.   Semb Corp
8.   Starhub
9.   FraserComm
10. SGX
11. MetroHldg
12. SembMar
13. CitySpring
14. CapitaComm
15. Nikko AM STI ETF 100
16. Sabana Reit
17. Sing Inv
18. Ascendasreit
19. Kep Corp
20. SATS
21. MapletreeLog
22. SIA
24. CapitaLand
25. FrasersCT
26. PanUnited
27. Asian Pay TV Tr
28. Yangzijiang
29. GlobalInv
30. CWT

Compared with last month, property related counters don't do so well this month. Sabana moved up due to new purchase. APTT and CWT replace MIIF and Cambridge.