Friday, May 30, 2008

31 May 2008

The month May saw 2 major disasters happened in China (Sichuan/Wenchuan) and Myanmar. Many lives lost, many survivors lost their love ones, their entire procession. These acts of God remind us that while money or material asset are important, they are not 100% dependable. God only is our guarantee.

Inflation keeps going up, food and petrol prices continue to be major concerns, but the stock market somehow recovers a bit from its low. STI stands near 3,200 again.

My portfolio recovers with the market, those I am still in RED (that is, not taking consideration of dividends received). There are some movement in the porfolio too. Hartford Edu is gone through volunteerily delisting. I sold them back to the company in exchange of Raffles Edu shares, as proposed by them (Realised loss S$5,664).

I got 807 MIIF shares through the script dividend scheme. I was also award 2000 bonus shares from Singapore Reinsurance. I bought SingTel(CPFIS), Midas and SPH shares in this month (top up).

Compared with 30 April, the value of my portfolio rose by S$33,000 to S$572,433.37. New fund injected was S$21,557 (incl. the dividend script from MIIF).

In this month, I received S$7,576.10 of dividend. Below are my top 30 holdings:

1. CoscoCorp
2. ComfortDelGro
3. OCBC Bk
4. SPH
5. Semb Corp
6. Raffles Edu
7. S I A
8. HG Metal
9. SingTel
10. SPC
11. MacqIntInfra
12. CapitaComm
13. Celestial
14. FrasersCT
15. Food Junc
16. MetroHldg
17. ST Engineering
18. Int-Roller
19. Cambridge
20. Hiap Moh
21. Aztech
22. F & N
24. SP AusNet
25. Sing Food
26. Ferrochina
27. AllcoReit
28. CitySpring
29. SAT Svcs
30. ChinaFlexP

MIDAS and SAT are the new comers, replacing Hartford and Fibrechem. Raffles Edu and SingTel move up the rank through new acquired shares, while Cosco regain top spot asComfortdelgro declines due to high oil price.