Saturday, January 30, 2016

Portfolio Update - 29 January 2016

The equity market got on to a very volatile start in Jan 2016. Economics slowdown in China and falling oil price (to below 30USD) sent the global stock prices into a tailspin. On some day there were even panic selling from investors.

STI plunged right from the start of the month. It dropped more than 12% before recovered slightly. Not even today's rally can recover the loss. As at today, STI closed at 2,629.11, dropped 253.62 points, or 8.80% compared to end of last month. My portfolio value also dropped 6.78% from the end of last month. The only consolation is that it dropped less than the STI.

I did some buying trade this month, when the share prices dropped. I bought into SPH, KepCorp, and AimSampIReit shares. I received 1,000 Ascendas Reit shares through preferential offer, and some Boustead shares via scrip dividend scheme. I injected a total of S$29,600 into my share portfolio this month.

Dividend is one bright spot in this bear market. Though the share prices declined, the dividend I received this month, and will receive in the next 2 months do not decline. Total dividend received in January was S$12,500.00, mainly from UT dividend.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 29 January 2016. There are quite a few changing of positions, reflecting the volatility of the market. SPH regain the lead over ComfortDelGro due to new buy in. SembCorp Ind moved down a few positions as its price dropped. Sing Inv & Fin replaces UE at the bottom of the table as its price dropped less.

1.       SPH
2.       ComfortDelGro
3.       OCBC Bank
4.       Ausnet Services
5.       DBS
6.       Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
7.       ST Engineering
8.       Metro
9.       AIMSAMP Cap Reit
10.   SGX
11.   Starhub
12.   Frasers Comm Tr
13.   CapitaLand
14.   Sembcorp Ind
15.   SATS
16.   HTL Int
17.   Ascendas Reit
18.   Keppel Corp
19.   OUE
20.   Tai Sin Electric
21.   CapitaComm Tr
22.   Nam Lee Metal
23.   Ascendas-h Trust
24.   KSH
25.   SIA
26.   Stamford Land
27.   Nikko AM STI ETF 100
28.   Saizen Reit
29.   Global Inv
30.   Sing Inv & Fin