Thursday, August 31, 2017

Portfolio Update August 2017

August has been a very busy month for me. I went overseas twice, one for holiday and the other trip was sort of volunteer work, something to do with my hobby. Before I realize it, the month has come to the end.
There were some global and regional events in the month - North Korea fired a missile over Japan, China and India standoff at the border, etc, but the global stock market did not seem to be affected by them badly.

The STI did not do well this month. Some analyst said that Singapore stock market look bearish at this moment. I feel that as the index has gone up more than 13% year to date, a certain pull back is quite natural and should not be a big issue. As at today, STI stood at 3,277.26, down 53.49 points, or 1.61% from last month. My portfolio did better than the index. Its value dropped only 1.15%. However it still under-perform the index year-to-date.

One structure note that I invested through DBS a year ago matured this month. As the note was bundled with the telcos and M1 shares performed badly last year, it hit the strike price and I end up receiving some M1 shares. Even when I considered the interest received for the year, there is a loss of about 15%. Bad luck! Lesson learned: Avoid structure product from the bank!

I did no other trade in stock but invested in some corporate bond. Bonds are "safer" investment and provide good regular passive income. At my current state of life I am going towards lower risk investment.

I received a total of S$28,950 in dividend, 60% from shares and 40% from bond and UT investment. This is the first time dividend in August has surpassed that in May, due to bonds paying coupon in August.

Below are my top 30 holdings in August. M1 now becomes my top holding.

1. M1
2. OCBC Bank
3. DBS
4. ComfortDelGro
5. SPH
6. Ausnet Services
7. Metro
8. ST Engineering
9. Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
10. Frasers Comm Tr
11. CapitaComm Tr
12. CapitaLand
13. SGX
14. AIMSAMP Cap Reit
15. Sembcorp Ind
16. Lippo Malls Tr
17. Tai Sin Electric
18. SATS
19. Sing Inv & Fin
20. Global Inv
21. Keppel Corp
22. Starhub
23. YZJ Shipbldg SGD
24. United Engineers
25. OUE
26. Ascendas Reit
27. Nam Lee Metal
28. Nikko AM STI ETF 100
29. Mapletree Log Tr
30. Cache Log Trust

Friday, August 4, 2017

Portfolio Update July 2017

I left my job at the end of last month planning to retire, but my boss offered me a part time job so I decided to go into semi-retirement. Starting from the month of July, I officially work only 2 1/2 days a week, and spend the rest of my time engaging with my hobbies and church. Ironically, I became even busier after the switch, so much so that I cannot update this blog on time. My apology.

My new office has very strict IT security policy, so I could not visit this blog during office hours. This is another reason for the delay.

Okay back to the update. Global equity market continue to move upwards despite President Trump having so many problems with his team and fellow US politicians. I heard one analyst said that he could not find anything that would indicate a market downturn, and that is scary in my opinion.

For the month of July (by the way, I closed July account on 28), STI moved up 104.27 points, or 3.23%. My portfolio performed poorly compared to the index due to poor performance of Ausnet, SATS, SIA Engineering, UE and SPH. As at 28 July, it value moved up only 0.75%.

I received bonus shares from KSH this month (okay I sold some of the shares when the value shot up more than 100% previously, now on hindsight could be a mistake).
Due to my busy schedule in July I missed the deadline to convert my PanU rights to shares and loss some money... (bad luck!) There were no other trade done.

Total dividend received in July amounts to S$5,785.00. Most of the dividend this month comes from UT. This is no surprise and I am looking forwards to August dividend.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 28 July 2017. With the continuous poor performance in there prices, SPH and Comfortdelgro are overtaken by the two banks.

1.         OCBC Bank
2.         DBS
3.         SPH
4.         ComfortDelGro
5.         Ausnet Services
6.         Metro
7.         ST Engineering
8.         Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.         Frasers Comm Tr
10.     CapitaComm Tr
11.     Sembcorp Ind
12.     SGX
13.     AIMSAMP Cap Reit
14.     Lippo Malls Tr
15.     CapitaLand
16.     Tai Sin Electric
17.     SATS
18.     Global Inv
19.     Sing Inv & Fin
20.     Starhub
21.     Keppel Corp
22.     OUE
23.     Ascendas Reit
24.     United Engineers
25.     Nam Lee Metal
26.     Nikko AM STI ETF 100
27.     Cache Log Trust
28.     YZJ Shipbldg SGD
29.     Mapletree Log Tr

30.     Ascendas-h Trust