Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Writting off suspended shares on 31 March.

Suspended shares will be "written off" and will no longer appeared in the porfolio in next quarter. They should only re-appear when the suspension is lifted. The written off counters are:

1. Ferrochina
2. Fibrechem
3. Firechem NCPS
4. Jurong Technologie

After the write-off, my portfolio value as at 31 March 2009 is: S$366,190.

31 March 2009

Market hit a low on 2 Mar 2009 but started to recover a bit. In the 3rd week of March market rallied with the hope that the US Gov rescue plan may work. Then Obama surprised the world by asking the two US Automobile Giants (GM and Crysler) to re-work their plan or face bankruptcy. Market plunged on that news. US continued to declined on Tues night (30 March) but Asia somehow recovered on 31 March.

I continued to buy in on weakness. Finally I own shares of kepCorp, Sembmarine and SMRT. I also topped up SP Ausnet when price dropped to 66cts, and Pacific HC.

My portfolio recovered a bit. As on 31 March it stands at S$371,780. Compared with last month, it increased by S$30,520. Fresh fund injected was S$18,280. So there was a S$12,240 gain. Besides, I received S$950 in cash dividend.

Below are the top 30 holding as at 31 March 2009.

1. ComfortDelGro
2. SPH
3. OCBC Bk
4. Semb Corp
5. ST Engineering
6. SP AusNet
7. DBS
8. F & N
9. S I A
10. SingTel
11. CoscoCorp
12. SembMar
13. SMRT
14. Sp Ship
15. SAT Svcs
16. Raffles Edu
17. FrasersCT
18. KS Energy
19. SPC
20. HG Metal
21. CapitaComm
22. Kep Corp
23. Aztech
24. CitySpring
25. MacqIntInfra
26. ASL Marine
27. FraserComm
29. Pteris Global Ltd
30. PanUnited

SMRT, HG Metal and Pteris made it to the top. SMRT is new comer in my portfolio. HG Metal and Pteris price recovered a bit.

Metro, Celestial and Cambridge dropped off the list. Celestial due to price fall, Metro and Cambridge were edged out by HG Metal and Pteris.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

28 February 2009

Just come back from business trip. Updated this blog a bit late.

Portfolio performed badly in February, in line with the deepening global financial crisis. As compared to January, portfolio value reduced by S$13,600, depite injecting S$18,000 of fresh fund.

I subsribed to DBS right issue and got 500 excess right shares. Took the opportunity to top up some counters, and bought Sembmarine and KepCorp. Hiap Moh and SFI disappeared from the portfolio, both due to unconditional cash offer. Sad, as they were both my good defend stock with very good dividend payout. The only consolation is both were sold above my cost.

DBS and F&N entered the top 10 listing due to new shares buy-in. The top 30 counters:

1. ComfortDelGro
2. SPH
3. Semb Corp
4. ST Engineering
5. OCBC Bk
6. DBS
7. SP AusNet
8. F & N
9. S I A
10. SingTel
11. CoscoCorp
12. Raffles Edu
13. SembMar
14. SAT Svcs
15. FrasersCT
16. Sp Ship
17. KS Energy
18. Celestial
19. SPC
20. Cambridge
21. FraserComm
22. MacqIntInfra
23. CitySpring
24. CapitaComm
25. Kep Corp
26. ASL Marine
27. Aztech
29. MetroHldg
30. PanUnited

I received S$755 cash dividend this month.