Monday, March 5, 2018

Portfolio Update 28 February 2018

Global equity market experienced a correction at the beginning of February. Market corrected about 10% before the indices recovered. Local market was not spared. Some counters, including REIT's dropped more than 10% and presented "good buying opportunities", so said some analysts.

Market recovered some lost ground later in the month. As at month end, STI dropped 3.71%, or 131 point from end January. This effectively wiped out all the gain in January. My stock portfolio dropped even more. Its value drop 5% in the month. The apparent poor performance was due to the conversion of comfortdelgro shares from the FCN (fixed coupon notes, a structure product). I received comfortdelgro shares at a price higher than the current market price, and it was booked in to February account. (This was my last FCN. NO MORE structure product!)

I bought some SingTel shares in February. I also received some shares from ESR REIT, Keppel REIT and First REIT through scrip dividend scheme. The net cashflow into the stock portfolio in February was S$113,471.36.

Total dividend received in February was S$17,550, therein about 40% from shares, 30% from Bond and 30% from UT.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 28 February. ComfortDelgro now is my biggest holding.

1.         ComfortDelGro
2.         M1
3.         DBS
4.         OCBC Bank
5.         SPH
6.         Ausnet Services
7.         Metro
8.         Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.         CapitaComm Tr
10.     ST Engineering
11.     Frasers Comm Tr
12.     Keppel Corp
13.     Sembcorp Ind
14.     SGX
15.     SATS
16.     CapitaLand
17.     AIMSAMP Cap Reit
18.     SingTel
19.     Sing Inv & Fin
20.     Global Inv
21.     Tai Sin Electric
22.     Lippo Malls Tr
23.     Cache Log Trust
24.     YZJ Shipbldg SGD
25.     Mapletree Log Tr
26.     Starhub
27.     Ascendas Reit
28.     Nam Lee Metal
29.     Nikko AM STI ETF 100
30.     OUE


CupcakedCrusader said...

Hi Sanye,

Impressive dividends collected! May I know whats your capital injected?


Anonymous said...


I have two question for you.

1) When do you take profit ?
There is a couple of blue chips (e.g. telecom and SPH) on your portfolio that has not performed that well.
When do you decide to sell it off and take profit or do you just leave it there even if it is in the red and continue to collect dividend?
Would love to learn the decision process.

2) Is your overall stock portfolio profitable at this point if we don't take into account the dividends ? Would you be able to share the % gain / loss?

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi CupcakedCrusader,

This is the question I have been asked many times, but sorry, as I said before, I would not disclose this information.


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Dear Anonymous,

When do I take profit? I think I will put it as when do I sell off a share. I sell off a share when it does not fit my investment objective anymore. When I think that the dividend yield has become so low that there are better counter than it.

You are right. Though these blue chips may not perform well at the moment, I will leave them in my portfolio if I still like their business. Meanwhile I will continue to collect dividend.

The portfolio is about 15% in profit. (market value against cost, without considering profit taken too)

Anonymous said...

Very Impressive. Thanks for the insight. Would you be able to share further
1) what % yield do you shortlist as dividend stock. e.g. > 4% and what is deemed too low.
2) If a stock is down 50% but providing a dividend yield of 6%. What would you do? Do you actually set a stop loss to ensure stock would never go down below certain percentage?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,
Singtel has appeared in your top 30 list as compared to previous. Can share with us why do you choose to buy Singtel over Starhub or M1? It is because of quality factor?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Anonymous,

1. Yes 4% is about the yield I look for.

2. I don't really set a stop loss level. If a stock is down 50% but providing a yield of 6%, then I would try to research the fundamental of the company to see if the business is still sound. If it is, then there is a good opportunity to buy in on weakness. However I will not take up a big stake of it but to buy in slowly and observe the development.

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Jason,

Compared with Starhub and M1, Singtel is not only bigger in size but also has more overseas exposure to balance the impact from the 4th Telco in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

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Hi Sanye,

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