Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Portfolio Update 31 October 2017

The month October passed so far, that before I realize it, it is almost gone. I was pretty busy with my work (yes, part time job can be busy too) and other activities. I paid less attention to stock market, partly because it was in a steady uptrend due to good GDP data and corporate earnings results.

When market closed today, STI was 154.17 points, or 4.79% higher than a month ago. Some analyst said that there might be some pull back but no sign of crashing. Of course it is up to you to believe that. My portfolio somehow performed less spectacular this month compared to the index. Its value rose only 3.43% for the month. Year-to-date, my stock portfolio value has risen 12%, compared to 17% rise of the STI.

I bought some Netlink Trust shares this month. I also received shares from Cache, Mapletree Logistics Trust and CapitaLand Commercial Trust through subscription of rights issues. I "sold" all my Saizen REIT shares due to final liquidation. There is a net cash flow (S$22,630) into the portfolio, excluding dividend.

Total dividend received from my shares, UT and Bond this month amounts to S$7,823.00.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 31 October 2017.

1.         M1
2.         OCBC Bank
3.         DBS
4.         SPH
5.         Ausnet Services
6.         ComfortDelGro
7.         Metro
8.         Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.         ST Engineering
10.     CapitaComm Tr
11.     Frasers Comm Tr
12.     Sembcorp Ind
13.     SGX
14.     AIMSAMP Cap Reit
15.     Keppel Corp
16.     CapitaLand
17.     Tai Sin Electric
18.     Sing Inv & Fin
19.     Lippo Malls Tr
20.     SATS
21.     Global Inv
22.     Lian Beng
23.     Mapletree Log Tr
24.     Starhub
25.     YZJ Shipbldg SGD
26.     OUE
27.     Cache Log Trust
28.     Ascendas Reit
29.     Nam Lee Metal
30.     United Engineers


Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,
Nice to see your back. There are quite number of logistics REITS in your portfolio.

Can share with us why you choose to buy and hold 1)AIMSAMP Cap Reit 2)Mapletree Log Tr 3)Cache Log Trust 4)Ascendas Reit. Beside yield are there other reason, you choose to hold these REITS?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Jason,

The main reason is yield. All these counters have been in my portfolio for a long time. I was positive in the logistics sector because the rise of internet and online shopping so I started to buy and hold the related shares. As I said I am not very good in stock picking so I diversified a little, holding a few counters instead of just one of them.