Wednesday, December 30, 2009

31 December 2009

The year 2009 finally comes to its end. In this eventful year, the stock market surprised the world positively. the sharp V shape recovery of the equity market was never predicted by or foresenn by anyone. Who had expected such a recovery?

The strategy of staying invested and buy into the market when it was down at the bottom paid off. As at today, I haved re-couped all losses from the stock market (taking into account of dividends received). My UT portfolio even shows a +8% profit.

Everyone is saying (or at least many "gurus") that the index will edge up further in 2010. but for me, I intend to go more "defensive"- meaning I will invest more in defensive stocks that pays good dividend. Reason? I have reached 50 and I feel that it is time to go more defensive and generate more alternate source of income.

Back to Dec 2009. STI soar 165.5 points to end at 2897.62 at the end of the year (month). My portfolio value grew a stella S$69,615. This included fresh investment of S$25,525. So effectively I made S$44,100 in capital gain. Besides, I received S$7,500 in cash dividend. I bought Capitaland share (finally got the big C) and top up SPH shares when price dipped after XD. I participated in rights subscriptions in MIT (now AIMSAMPIREIT) and Pteris.

Below are the top 30 holdings as at the end of Dec 2009.

1. SPH
2, ComfortDelGro
3. OCBC Bk
4, DBS
5. ST Engineering
6. Semb Corp
7. SP AusNet
8. F & N
9. CitySpring
10. Starhub
11. SAT Svcs
12. SembMar
13. FraserComm
14. SIA
15. CoscoCorp
16. CapitaComm
17. FrasersCT
18. Capitaland
19. SSH Corp
20. SingTel
21. Yangzijiang
22. AscottReit
23. MetroHldg
24. MapletreeLog
25. Aztech
26. Sp Ship
27. Tat Hong
28. KS Energy
29. ASL Marine
30. SMRT

Comparing the list with that from November, one can see the the market is no longer as volatile. the top 10 positions hardly changed. Capitaland is a new member in my portfolio (bought when price dipped below 4). Mida was pushed down to position no 31.

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