Thursday, March 10, 2016

Saizen Reit - Delisting

I have some Saizen Reit in my portfolio. Today the counter goes XD and the value dropped from $1.10 to $0.077. I will be receiving a dividend of $0.0283 per share on 29/3 and a capital return of $1.056 on 28/3.

For recording purpose, I will record only the 0.0283 as dividend received on 29/3. I will record a "sell" transaction today on Saizen Reit at the price of $1.055 today, and thereafter the shares will have a cost of S$0.01 per share. Hence there will be a negative cash injection to the portfolio.

Should there be a final payment in August before the Reit delists, it will be recorded as another "Sell" transaction.

This is just for my personal recording purpose only. Pure intuition, no science, so no why or why not another way.

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