Monday, February 29, 2016

Portfolio Update - 29 February 2016

Global equity market continued its volatility into February from last month. The same problems - China slowdown, low oil price continued in February. Then came Lunar New Year. Oil price and equity market seems to recover a little after the new year holiday. STI also started to recover after hitting a low of 2550 level on 4 Feb. STI ended today in positive territory compared to last month. As at today, it stood at 2,666.51, up 37.40 points, or 1.42% from end January.

My portfolio performed slightly better than STI, its value moved up 1.53% this month, net of new cash injected.

This month, I bought some Sing Inv and Finance shares. I also received shares from Cambridge Ind Tr, Fraser Comm Tr, First Reit, Keppel Reit and Mapletree Log Tr, all through scrip dividend scheme. Total investment in this month was S$7,410.17.

Total dividend collected this month (from both shares and UT) was S$9,172.95, most of it from shares.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 29 February. UE re-enter the table, replacing Global Inv Ltd.

1.       ComfortDelGro
2.       SPH
3.       OCBC Bank
4.       Ausnet Services
5.       DBS
6.       Metro
7.       ST Engineering
8.       Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.       SGX
10.   Frasers Comm Tr
11.   AIMSAMP Cap Reit
12.   Starhub
13.   Sembcorp Ind
14.   CapitaLand
15.   SATS
16.   Ascendas Reit
17.   Keppel Corp
18.   CapitaComm Tr
19.   Tai Sin Electric
20.   HTL Int
21.   Sing Inv & Fin
22.   OUE
23.   SIA
24.   Ascendas-h Trust
25.   KSH
26.   United Engineers
27.   Saizen Reit
28.   Nikko AM STI ETF 100
29.   Stamford Land
30.   Nam Lee Metal


Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,

That's a lot of dividends for the month of Feb 2016. Do you have a focus on dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio? Is the dividends received per month fairly consistent for your portfolio?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...


Yes I have shifted my focus to dividend paying stocks in my portfolio, since I am approaching my retirement age.

The dividend received per month are fairly consistent year-on-year. Of course they are not "equal" every month. There are months with higher dividend and other months with lower dividend. If you check my port on December 2015 update, you will see the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,

Is it possible you make known the total amount you have injected into your current portfolio thus far?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi N,

I have stopped disclosing the size of my investment portfolio on advice from a fellow blogger.

yoland king said...

hi sanye,

nice portfolio and dividends as usual.

for safety reasons, i also decided not to reveal my portfolio size.

haha, i even disabled comments...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,
Noted that Starhub have been in the middle of the portfolio for quite some times, can share with us the reason to keep this counter instead of Singtel and M1? Especially with higher PB value of 31 as compared to Singtel of 2.4 and M1 5 respectively.

I noticed starhub offer consistent dividend for 20 cents per share per year, in you opinion are they able to sustain it since their DOE is much higher as at 366, especially with borrowing getting more expensive.

Also now with more competitions in your opinion which teleco do you think will benefit/implicated in the process and it is good time to buy their shares?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Yoland King aka Low Paul,

Yes I noticed that you have disabled the comment from your blog. Now there is less chance to communicate with you and get your opinion. :)

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Jason,

I like both SingTel and Starhub. I do have some SingTel shares but only a few lots. So it does not get into my top 30 list.

I bought Starhub during the last GFC with very low price (<$2). Since then it has delivered dividend without fail and there is no reason not to keep it.

I am not overly concerned about their DOE, as they have the strength to pay down their debt if they want to.

For the impending competition with the 4th Telco, I think SingTel and Starhub will not be affected very much. SingTel due to their overseas exposure and Starhub their Cable TV business. In my humble opinion M1 may be the one that will face more challenge.

yoland king said...

hi sanye,

no worries. will visit you regularly.

keep building your porffolio.

U still injecting funds actively for this year?

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Yoland King,

I will slow down the injecting of cash a little as compared to last year, now that the STI has recovered to above 2,800, I will take a "break" to build up my war chest. I will strike when there are good opportunities.

If the shares prices turn south again, then the shopping will begin again. LOL.