Sunday, April 2, 2017

Portfolio Update 31 March 2017

The upwards trending of the global equity market continues in the month of March, despite the Korean crisis, East and South China sea tension, President Trump's setback in the pushing of some of his policies etc. Analysts are saying that a correction is necessary, but it just had not happen.

Compared with a month ago, STI rose 78 points, or 2.54%. Year to date, the STI has climb 10.22%, or 294.35 points for the first quarter. My portfolio move in almost in line with the index, just at a slightly slower pace. As at 31 March, its value rose 2.42% compared to end February.

This month, I bought some IREIT Global and added some Lippo Mall Trust shares. I added some shares from Capital Retail China Trust and Fraser Commercial Trust shares through scrip dividend scheme. I also participated in the right issue from Ascott Residence Trust. I sold away all my shares in Raffles Education and Noble Group. Both are under performers in my portfolio. The net cash flow into my portfolio this month is S$10,692.57.

Total dividend received this month was S$7,374.00, from both shares and UT.

Below are my top 30 stock holdings as at 31 March 2017.
  1. SPH
  2. ComfortDelGro
  3. DBS
  4. OCBC Bank
  5. Ausnet Services
  6. Metro
  7. ST Engineering
  8. Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
  9. Frasers Comm Tr
  10. SGX
  11. Sembcorp Ind
  12. CapitaLand
  13. AIMSAMP Cap Reit
  14. Tai Sin Electric
  15. CapitaComm Tr
  16. Keppel Corp
  17. Starhub
  18. SATS
  19. Sing Inv & Fin
  20. OUE
  21. Lippo Malls Tr
  22. United Engineers
  23. Global Inv
  24. Nam Lee Metal
  25. Ascendas Reit
  26. Nikko AM STI ETF 100
  27. Cache Log Trust
  28. Stamford Land
  29. KSH
  30. Mapletree Log Tr


Anonymous said...

For your consideration.

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...


Thanks for sharing this information.


K said...

Hi Sanye,

Any particular reason why you decided to buy more Lippo Mall Trust?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi K

I added on Lippo Mall Trust because of its high yield, and the growth prospect of the Indonesian economy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,
What is considered a good yield to you worthy of your investment? Can share with us?

Also in your opinion can Lippo Mall sustain the dividend, their yield seem good in the past few years basd on current stock price


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...


For REIT, I consider a yield above 6% as worthy to invest.

In the case of Lippo Mall Trust, I have been getting more than 8% in the past few years. I do hope that this is sustainable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanye,
How do you quantify underperformance? For instance, you decided to let go Raffles education share? Can share with us?


Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Jason,

Eh brother, don't put salt into my wound leh...

No, I was just kidding. Frankly, I bought my Raffles Education shares many years ago, when I just started to build the portfolio. I thought then this was a good stock with growth potential, and so I got into it. However the I soon realised that I bought it at its peak, and the price started to go south.

The selling was part of an effort to clean up the "non-performers" from my portfolio. Raffles Edu share price has not been moving favourably in the last few years. The only positive sign is they still paid a small dividend. The value is so insignificant that I decided to sell it.

Anonymous said...

You must have invested a lot or else you would received so much dividend.

Anonymous said...

Assuming 8% dividends, my calculations says he invested about $3.1M.