Sunday, December 4, 2016

Portfolio Update 30 Nov 2016

I have to apologise for the late update to my portfolio. I was not in Singapore last week and was unable to do so.

Anyway, the biggest news and surprise in November must have been the US election result. Donald Trump's victory caused big swings in the global financial market. But market eventually came to term with the new US president-elect, and recovered the initial loss.

STI recovered from the initial loss and went into a small rally towards the end of November. On 30 November, STI closed at 2904.02, up 90.15 points, or 3.2% from last month. Unfortunately, my portfolio did not keep up with the index. Its value drop 0.62% from last month, net of fund injected.

I bought some shares of Suntec Reit, Capital Commercial Trust and Starhub in November. I also received shares from Keppel Reit, Fraser Commercial Trust and First Reit via Scrip Dividend Scheme. Total fund injected into the portfolio was S$22,078.70.

Dividend received in November was a stellar S$17,200.00. This includes the special dividend from Nera Telecommunication, which is actually return of capital (share price dropped).

Below are the top 30 holdings as at 30 November. Suntec Reit enter the list, replacing Ascendas HT.

1.       SPH
2.       ComfortDelGro
3.       OCBC Bank
4.       DBS
5.       Ausnet Services
6.       Metro
7.       ST Engineering
8.       Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.       Frasers Comm Tr
10.   SGX
11.   CapitaComm Tr
12.   Starhub
13.   AIMSAMP Cap Reit
14.   SATS
15.   Sembcorp Ind
16.   CapitaLand
17.   Global Inv
18.   Tai Sin Electric
19.   United Engineers
20.   Nam Lee Metal
21.   Keppel Corp
22.   OUE
23.   Sing Inv & Fin
24.   Ascendas Reit
25.   Cache Log Trust
26.   Nikko AM STI ETF 100
27.   KSH
28.   Lippo Malls Tr
29.   Suntec Reit
30.   Mapletree Log Tr


Unknown said...

Hi sanye! I have been an avid reader for a while. Would like to ask you on ur opinion whether it is a good time to enter the market with Reits (looking at First Reit and lippo Malls).

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi Unknown,

Frankly I am not a good "market timer" - I don't really try to time the market. My investment portfolio is geared towards dividend play. I am investing for passive income.

If you are looking at First Reit and Lippo Malls, you will notice that these two counter has been trading within quite a tight range for the past few month, and are offering yield between 7~8%. Depending on your objective of investment, it is in my opinion still worth to get in if it's for dividend. However, since US is almost certain to hike rate this month, and that may affect Reits in general, you may want to wait and observe how things develop before you make your move.

Chendol said...

Thanks so much sanye! I am currently waiting to see how it develops too. I'm more geared towards dividends for passive income too:) but I kinda hope to get in at a lower price point. Is it not as impt for dividend play cause in the Long term it would even out?

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Of course we always try to get in as low as possible, but we won't get the lowest point most of the time. I normally buy shares in batches since I don't have the mean to time the market.

Katrina Karim said...

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welcomemdc said...

Hi There!!! May i ask wad is the AUM of ur portfolio?

Thanks! do let me know if its not convient.

Sanye ◎ 三页 said...

Hi welcomemdc,

Sorry, I do not disclose the AUM of my portfolio.